Haywire hay is excellent quality mostly 2nd cutting 60-65lb bales. 

Our farm is located in Chehalis, Wa, and serves the local community.

Haywire Farm provides quality hay for sale and custom farm services, including; hay processing,

2018/19 Hay prices:

Rye grass, 60-65 lb, two string, small bales, 2nd cutting. $8.00 in the barn.

Non Certified 2nd cutting canary, 65lb 2 string bales $8.00. green, green, green hay. Nice horse hay.  

2nd cutting Orchard with about 5-10% alfalfa mix. 60-65lb bales. Premium hay. $10.00.​​

Early spring Orchard Haylage- 1200 lb bales. Dairy quality feed. $40.00 per bale. 

Delivery available.

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Haywire Farm
Certified Organic 2nd Cutting Rye/Orchard Grass.
Haylage 2017 Orchard grass